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One Customised digital mood/concept board

We will e-mail you an A3 sized concept board that depicts the colour tone, texture, material of the chosen space that you dream of
Applicable for elite package only

Physical copy of mood

Concept board with real materials sample for client’s feel

Floor layout plan in PDF format

A top down view drawing/diagram that visualise the placement of
cabinets, furniture, circulation and feel of the space and also the dimension of the space

3D photorealistic artist impression in jpeg format

A 3D photorealistic computer generated image that visualise the feel and the design of the space.

Only for elite package

Panorama 360° virtual reality (VR) 3D artist impression

A computer generated interactive 3D simulation that stimulate the
live 3D environment by using a VR headset. (It can works by using a
mobile devices only, but for a better experience it is recommended
to view it with a VR headset)

Elevation drawings

A detail drawing for client’s approval and for construction purposes

*Applies when the client engage MCR builders to do the renovation services

Free quotation

A free quotation will provided.

Loyalty card benefit

VIP membership card that entitle you for special discount from our
partnering supplier which include furniture, appliances, décor
purchases + free 1 year after sales service

T&C applied