3D Value Box


– The room must not exceed 800 sq ft for the 3D proposal.
– For room exceeding 800 sq ft, please select “full renovation package”.
– For entire house renovation, please select “full renovation package”.
– Each package is applicable for one room and one design only, except for “Full Renovation Package”.
– Floor layout plan with measurement to be provided by house owner, you can check our guidelines for site measurement.
– If the client selected the 3D proposal packages earlier and wish to engage us to do the renovation base on the design later, thedesign fees will be waived off. However the design proposal had a grace period of 4 weeks for client’s confirmation and it will expired after 4 weeks.
– Client to provide us existing site photo in order for us to create 3D artist impression.



Black & White Floor Layout Plan
Mood Board
Colour Code Palette
Free Quotation
Site visit not included*
Delivery time 1 week after confirmation and payment
One digital copy of 3D artist Black & White Floor Layout Plan Mood Board impression
(RM99 per image will be charged for each extra 3D image)
1 time design revision